Athena Sports International

The brand meaning of Athena Sports International or Athena Fides Virtus Int' l.


Athena for the fitness and the wisdom in adversity, the benevolence and finally the attachment in the civilizational values. Latin terms Fides, Pietras and Virtus was the values of the Roman civilization.


Indeed beyond any religious connotation, the allusion to the mythology Greek through the goddess Athena characterizes the projection, or the representation of the excellence according to the human vision or conception of the divinity,  Thus the behavioral  of excellence: “ the professionalism, but also the wisdom in the lavished advice.


According to the mythology Greek, Athena, daughter of the god of the gods Zeus, was the goddess of the war and used to act with wisdom regarding the advices she was provided.


The excellence of behaviours in spite of the extreme competitiveness ruling in the business world, and besides in the soccer Business.


Nowadays companies are engaged in a real modern War, and our choice of positioning in this fearless environment, is the one of: The honor, the righteousness, the behavioral excellence, and the respect for the values.